8 Out of 10 Dieticians Say… “Taking supplements are essential to maintaining good health.”


Registered dieticians know peoples eating habits and they know the vast majority don’t eat correctly. That means we’re not getting the nutrients we need from our diets alone. That’s where supplements come into play. Simply put, the body needs specific amounts of certain nutrients to maintain its health. Without the proper nutrition a wide variety of unpleasant effects can be experienced, from fatigue to an increase in cancer.

What do these experts recommend? First and foremost, a good multi-vitamin. Next on their list; an omega-3 supplement, such as a salmon. And thirdly, an anti-oxidant combo.

If you ever doubted the necessity of your supplements, or have a friend of loved one who thinks taking supplements is a waste …then this information should help set the record straight.

Want to know for sure, take the TEST! Start taking OneLife’s Daily Multiple, Something Smells Fishy, and Advanced Anti-Oxidant, everyday for 60 days. Notice that you sleep better, have more energy, and haven’t had a cold or the flu?


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