Anti-oxidant Vitamins Cut Mortality Risk

Data from an extensive study conducted over a period of eleven years suggests users of anti-oxidant vitamin supplements may be at a reduced risk of cancer mortality, as well as premature death in general. Study results are from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition and findings were published in the European Journal of Nutrition.

Antioxidant supplement use was associated with a 48% reduction in the risk of cancer mortality. In addition, the risk of all-cause mortality was reduced by 42% in people who were anti-oxidant supplement users.

The specifics on dosages are hindered, as many of the subjects were taking antioxidant supplements of various types and amounts before they became study participants. Because of this, the results of this particular study was met with some controversy.

The basic premise is not as much in question as the percentages concerning the results. However, many experts agree with the basic premise: that anti-oxidant supplements have a positive effect on reducing cancer and all-cause mortality.

Editors Opinion: Don’t know about you…but any reduction in my risk for mortality (cancer or otherwise) that I’m getting from taking a vitamin…. I’m in! PS. Just another reason that keeps our Advanced Anti-Oxidant the #1 seller (for over 20 years).


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