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This assesses your chances of living a healthy year: The reality compared to your perception. What do you envision coming into your life this year? Cancer? A heart attack or stroke? Diabetes, Macular Degeneration, or perhaps a broken hip? Of course NOT. We believe we will have a healthy year. Ok, maybe a sniffle or cough, but nothing more serious than that. That’s what 98% of us believe.

Now for reality: With heart disease being your # 1 enemy, over 1 million of you will die from it this year (that’s over 38% of all deaths in the US). Onto # 2: Cancer – more than 1.5 million of you will be given this diagnosis this year and more than 1,500 of you will die each DAY from it. Your # 3 killer: Stroke. Over 700,000 of you will have one this year and over 160,000 of you will die from one.

These statistics do not just apply to ‘old’ people. Over 150,000 Americans under the age of 65 will die from heart disease this year.

Knowing this, the fact that 98% of us believe we will live this year without a serious health incident is just NOT REALITY. Should one of these disasters strike, will you come out dead or alive?

The government, scientific studies, and a host of health experts have proven to us there are DAILY choices we make that determine our health risk. (Your chance of being ‘hit’ with a serious health threat is directly effected by these decisions.)

You already know the guidelines: no smoking, maintain a normal weight, eat 9-13 servings of fresh fruit and veggies and exercise 60-90 minutes per day.

Sadly, the vast majority of us are not following these guidelines. Most people do not even get the minimum recommended amounts of essential nutrients from the food they eat. The American diet remains “a nutritional black hole”.

You don’t have control over Mother Nature, but taking these simple steps can influence the health of YOUR year. Read on for:

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Layered Inception strongly supports individuals becoming proactive in their health care.  We encourage preventative health care measures and promote patient - professional health care communication.  For those reasons, these health news articles are provided for your convenience. We hope they help facilitate communication regarding your health concerns with your health care provider.  They are not intended to be used as a self diagnostic tool.  Referred to study results are applicable only to those study participants and should not be assumed applicable to everyone.   As you, in discussion with your health care professional, decide on the vitamins and dietary supplements that would be beneficiary for you, we hope that your selections include OneLifeUSA products. Your business is appreciated and your satisfaction is important to us.

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