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No one wants to grow old worried about breaking bones. Living the last decades of your life with a skeleton as fragile as glass, due to osteoporosis, is not anyone’s idea of the good life. We all know calcium and vitamin D are key components in helping protect our bones, but science has recently shown us more.

We now know the importance OneLife’s Daily Multiple and B Optimal play in protecting our bones. Studies have proven the necessity of vitamin B12. Tufts University scientists used special scanning equipment to measure bone-mineral density and blood levels of B12 in nearly 2,600 men and women. Among those with low B12 levels, women had less dense bones in the spine and men had less solid hipbones.

Because B12 can be easier to absorb in concentrated form after age 50, the researchers recommend getting 100% of the RDA (6 mcg) of B12 from supplements. One Life’s B Optimal or Daily Multiple are the perfect choice to insure you are getting this requirement


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