Should I take vitamins?

It's definitely something to consider if you are part of the 91% of Americans that studies show do not eat properly!take

The US Government publishes a set of nutritional guidelines setting a minimum standard for vitamin and mineral intakes that have been deemed necessary to maintain good health. Remember, our bodies cannot manufacture vitamins and minerals and we must get them from the foods we eat. It's discouraging to discover that studies show ONLY 9% of Americans eat the recommended five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables, and these recommended five servings are required to get the minimum level of nutrients needed to prevent illness. Added to these dismal figures, is the fact that the average calcium consumption in the United States is only 60% of the current suggested 1,000 mg for younger adults and far below the 1,200 mg recommended for men and women ages 50-70.

Today, most experts in the health field believe the addition of anti-oxidants, a multivitamin and calcium (with Vitamin D and magnesium) are the minimum supplements all adults should be adding to their daily routines. SUPPLEMENT with One Life, SAVE with our special offer and STAY healthy.


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