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Omega-3’s. Who would have believed this scientific term would be a household word? These ‘good’ fatty acids first gained fame in connection with helping to improve our heart health and were primarily associated with fish, mostly salmon. Now research shows we have alternative sources for these powerful health helpers.

Omega-3’sare found in plant foods, too. Try walnuts, canola oil or flaxseed. The good deeds associated with consuming omega-3 fatty acids are not limited to heart health, their powers have now been linked to positive influences on Alzheimer’s, arthritis and some cancers. Additionally, studies have shown they are good for your skin. A recent study at Penn State found that the plant based omega-3’sare good for your bones and those whose diets were especially high in plant based omega-3’s experienced a big drop in bone breakdown.

If these health benefits aren’t enough to make you beef up you omega-3 intake, read the cover story, ‘A Medical Miracle’.

Don’teat much fish? The calories in walnuts and canola oil too much for you? Don’t do ground flaxseed? Then consider supplements to boost your omega-3 fatty acids. OneLife’s Something Smells Fishy (100% pure salmon oil) and Super Flaxseed + Greens (flaxseed + veggies)


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