The Art of Self Defense



Your body has an automatic built-in defense network that works every second, repelling and eliminating dangerous organisms that threaten your well-being; an innate desire to survive. Your immune system is the key to this build in defense network. We know that proper nutritional support is vital for the proper functioning of your immune system. Without it, the primary goal of immunity, which is to avoid disease, cannot be accomplished.

Feeding your immune system with key immune supportive nutrients is crucial to overall health. Researchers continue to release studies that show which nutrients are the most important for immune support. One such well-respected expert, Dr. James A. Duke, makes a list of herbs in his book, CRC Handbook of Medicinal Plants, which are known to benefit the immune system. In addition, he says they are all safer than drinking coffee! These are (in alphabetical order): bilberry, chamomile, Echinacea, elderberry, eleuthero, garlic, ginger, and peppermint.

Scientific study after scientific study has shown that anti-oxidants play a key role in staying healthy. The most studied and famous are known as ‘ACE’. That’s vitamins A, C and E. Each plays a different yet vital role in supporting your immune system and therefore helping you stay illness-free.

We cannot imagine better endorsements for OneLifeUSA’s Advanced Anti-Oxidant in a base of Echinacea and garlic for targeting immune system support.

Don’t wait until you get sick to boost your immune system. Follow the advice of the experts; prepare in advance and help make sure you and your family stay healthy year round.

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