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Recently published in Cancer Science are the results of a study (research from the University of Missouri -MU) that provide supporting evidence of resveratrol’s effect on prostate cancer – specifically its effect on the success of radiation therapy.

Resveratrol is most commonly associated with heart health and receives a great deal of attention for its ‘anti-aging’ benefits. But what many do not know, is that there have been several studies regarding its possible prostate health benefits.  Resveratrol is a key ingredient in OneLifeUSA’s Advanced Pro’s Plus.  It is a polyphenol compound found abundantly in nature (peanuts, mulberry skins, grape skins – consequently red wine).  Side note: Want to know which wine to drink that has the highest concentration of resveratrol? Visit our website –[Click here]

Back to resveratrol and prostate health…
Several study results prior to this specific one showed evidence that suggesting that resveratrol helped reduce androgen receptor (AR) expression and function of prostate cancer cells. This resulted in reduced inflammation and suppressed cell growth. (Prostate cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer, causes the second most cancer-related deaths of American men.)  Resvertrol has also been found to help tumor cells be more receptive to radiation treatment.

The study results from MU provide further supporting evidence regarding the role of resveratrol and its positive effects on radiation therapy with regards to prostate cancer cells.  Because the prostate tumor cells became more susceptible to radiation therapy, the chances of recovery –even from aggressive tumors – is increased.

Michael Nicholl, assistant professor of surgical radiology in the MU School of Medicine is quoted as saying, “We found that when exposed to the compound (resveratrol), the tumor cells were more susceptible to radiation treatment…”.  Additionally, the research team does not believe a large dose of resveratrol at the tumor site is necessary, because the body processes resveratrol efficiently. 

The next step to further validate these results would be animal studies followed by human clinical trials. To date the studies done regarding this topic have been on cancer cells in a lab setting.



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