Anti-Oxidants= Anti-AGE’nts

In the past decade ‘anti-oxidants’ have become part of everyday vocabulary. They have, for the most part, had a positive influence on diet, supplements, and cosmetics.

Research on these compounds has been robust. Study after reliable study continues to show the positive impact anti-oxidants have on the overall outcome of a wide variety of health concerns. The anti-oxidant role has been the topic of discussion in everything from strokes to Alzheimer’s. Their power is just beginning to be realized; from combating free radicals to quelling harmful inflammation.

We do know that anti-oxidants are a diversified group of compounds and that their functions are complex and varied. We are just beginning to understand these variances and learn how to best apply them. Their importance in extending both physical and mental vitality as well as maintaining physical appearance and strength are areas also being avidly pursued!

Until all of the details are discovered and sorted; take advantage of the facts we know. Help your body stay not only healthy, but physically and mentally vibrant by consuming a variety of anti-oxidants.

The top 5: vitamins A, C, and E; CoQ-10, and pholyphenols (like those found in grape skin and blueberries). Interested in the OneLifeUSA products that provide the top 6 anti-oxidants?


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