Anti-Oxidants: The Bottom Line


     vGrowing up you probably heard "Eat your vegetables", more times than you care to remember. Your mother knew they were good for you, but maybe didn’t know exactly why. There was no one particular vegetable considered better than another; they were all importantand each contributed to your good nutrition.

Anti-oxidants are the same. Just like vegetables, there are different types; each contributes to maintaining your overall good health. They all fight free radical damage. Some have been studied more for protecting your heart, others for protecting cells from damage that can cause cancer.

The following are wonderful as anti-oxidants. We know they do not all work in the same way, but these have been proven effective. Vitamins: C, E, and A. Alpha-Lipoic- Acid, CoQ-10, Lycopene, Proanthocyanidins (pine bark and grape seed), Lutein, Reveratrol, Selenium, Garlic, and Green Tea.

It’s only in the past few decades that we’ve begun to understand how damaging free radicals can be and how important it is to have plenty of anti-oxidants in your body. More research is still needed, but until then, use the knowledge we have to protect your health and take a variety of anti-oxidants from different sources.

OneLifeUSA’s product line has a targeted focus on anti-oxidant formulas.  Our most popular and #1 seller is the Advanced Anti-Oxidant, which contains among other ingredients, vitamins C, E and A and garlic.  CoQ-10 is now available in a great tasting non-coated chewable tablet (50mg per tab) and 100mg in gel cap form.  Our new Advanced Pro’s Plus incorporates the proanthocyanidins and resveratrol into one easy to swallow capsule.  Both selenium and Lycopene can be found in our newly reformulated Something for Men formula.  Lutein is a key component in our Vision Guard formula, and our Brabec Basics line has new formula Green Tea + Vitamin C!


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