How to Buy a Healthy Wine!


Most likely, you have already heard much about the health benefits of drinking red wine (in moderation). The antioxidant and anti-aging properties of red wine have largely been associated with a specific compound contained primarily in the skin and seeds of the grapes. This compound, resveratrol (pronounced rez-VEHR-ah-trawl), is found in varying amounts in different types of wines.

Some types of wine have more, some have less. If you’d like to drink wine with the highest amounts of resveratrol, read on to learn which wines you should be selecting and why.

It’s not that white wines don’t have any resveratrol; however, the amount they contain is so much less than red wines, that when it comes to selecting wine for the resveratrol content, white wines are usually not considered. The reason is that resveratrol is not found in the flesh of the grape but it is in the skin. Because the process of making red wine calls for the skins of the grapes to stay in contact longer with the final wine, red wines contain higher concentrations of resveratrol than white or rose wines. Also, red wines are subjected to less filtering during winemaking, which limits the loss of resveratrol. In general, red wines will normally have 10 times more resveratrol than white wines.

Interestingly, resveratrol is produced more abundantly by plants when they fall under some type of environmental attack. When a plant is under stress, the rate of resveratrol production is cranked up. Therefore it makes perfect sense that grapevines grown in cool, damp regions where there is a higher risk of grape diseases tend to produce grapes with higher levels of resveratrol, then grapes grown in warmer, drier regions where defense from disease is less needed.

This means, when it comes to selecting wines for their resveratrol content: Red wines produced from grapes grown in the Bordeaux or Burgundy regions will have a higher resveratrol content than those from the warmer regions like California and Australia.

Through scientific analysis, we also know that there are different grape varieties that are prone to differing levels of resveratrol. Muscadine grapes and those from the Pinot family have high levels while grapes from the Cabernet family are noted for lower levels of resveratrol.

Based on this information, sounds like a French Pinot Noir from the Burgundy region would be a top resveratrol selection!

To good wine, good health and good times. Enjoy.


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