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The biggest fear about aging is loosing the abilitythinker to function on your own. Physical issues are one thing; mental deterioration is another. When polled, 87% of older Americans are more fearful of loosing their brain power than their muscle power. As the Baby Boomer generation quickly heads into the senior citizen generation, Alzheimer’s and other mental conditions are rapidly increasing and becoming a major concern.

We’ve all experienced mental ‘hiccups’ and wondered what they meant. Some of us write them off as stress related; others are sure it’s a sign of what’s to come. No matter what we think the cause, most of us share the assumption that our gray matter is pre-wired to remain Ginsu sharp or that we are destined to be putting on our underwear last. Therefore, we believe our genes control the whole issue. The fact of the matter is; this simply isn’t true.

Our brains are just like pets and babies, all they want is attention. Feed it, challenge it, take care of it, and it will reward you with a performance deserving of a standing ovation.

1. Eat fish. Select fish high in omega-3 fatty acids; such as salmon. Don’t like salmon? Does it cost too much? Then add a salmon oil supplement to your daily health routine. OneLifeUSA’s Something Smells Fishy gel caps are 100% pure salmon oil taken only from free-swimming Alaskan salmon.

2. Supplement with vitamins C , E and Ginkgo Biloba. A recent study from John Hopkins University showed that these two vitamins taken together may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. The herb, ginkgo biloba, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It’s first notoriety in US health circles came from studies showing its positive effects on memory and Alzheimer’s disease. OneLifeUSA’s Advanced Bio-C (generic form of Ester C), our All-Natural Vitamin E (gel cap with the all-important mixed tocopherols), and our Memory Boost (packed with ginkgo biloba) are perfect to fill this recommendation.

3. Use a daily multivitamin. Make sure to check the label for folic acid and other B vitamins. They have been linked to the reduction of homocycsteine (a wicked amino acid associated with the increase risk of heart attacks, strokes and more recently risk of Alzheimer’s disease). Check out OneLifeUSA’s Daily Multiple and for added B vitamins see our Stress-Free Energy formula.

4. Drink Green Tea. Many published studies have shown that consuming green tea helps keep cholesterol in check and may lower cancer risks. Now researchers are showing the drink may also help retain your brain function. It’s interesting to note that rates of dementia, and Alzheimer’s are considerably lower in Japan (where green tea is commonly consumed) than in the U.S. Not into drinking green tea? Get the benefits with Brabec Basics Green Tea Capsules. Phenomenal product at a phenomenal price - $3.49 for a one months supply.

Challenge It:*

1. The key here is to do things that stretch your mind. Try cross word puzzles, play Scrabble or chess or try something new. The next time you take that familiar drive to work, the grocery or church – try going a new and different route.

2. Another way to keep your brain running in high gear is to teach something to someone else. You’re more likely to remember things you had to explain to someone else. Volunteer at your local community center, church or school.

3. Pay attention to life. The next time you sit down to a meal, instead of just going right at it, slow down. Look at your food notice its colors and textures. How does it taste? How does if feel in your mouth? How about the smell? The more you pay attention to the details in your everyday surroundings and daily activities the more you are likely to commit them to memory. Attention to detail stimulates the brain.

Take Care of It*:

1. Just like a cashmere sweater that’s properly taken care of, it will last fabulously for years. The brain needs some care. For starters, give it some oxygen. If you smoke; STOP and get physical exercise everyday. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. If you need some assistance, try a natural approach before a synthetic over-the-counter or prescription drug. OneLifeUSA’s Calm Sleep or Brabec Basics Melatonin may be all you need.

2. Avoid stress. When stress attacks, counter attack. Learn to recognize signs your body is experiencing stress. When possible remove yourself from stressful situations. Learn relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or meditation – these will help reduce your stress levels and your blood pressure. Your body and brain will be thankful.

Thankfully there are many ways to keep your brain operating at its maximum capacity. Science has proven that what we eat, and how we live has an impact on our brains’ function. Take advantage of all this useful information to help insure that you maintain your brain power.


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