Flu Season Only Getting Worse!

These foods can help.


The nation’s early flu season continues to grow in the U.S. this week, with no sign yet of a peak. Latest reports show the flu hitting 41 states, from coast to coast, with this number continuing to grow.

There is real concern over what could very well be the earliest and strongest outbreak of the flu in a decade. Doctors in emergency rooms are overwhelmed with a flu that seems to be spreading like wildfire. In some states the outbreak has been so severe, that they're putting up signs urging visitors to stay out of the hospital, if you don't have the flu.

In Florida, the flu has hit hard and early. Many doctors there consider it an epidemic, with a lot of hospital admissions; more than most can remember. In Illinois, doctors say they haven't seen this many cases since the swine flu outbreak in 2009. In Ohio, 863 people have been hospitalized with flu symptoms compared with 65 at this time last year.

And we still have five weeks left to the end of the flu season.

To help avoid the flu, doctors generally give the same advice: Get enough sleep, exercise, wash your hands frequently, get good nutritional intake, and consider taking a nutritional supplements: especially vitamin C, and vitamin D intake (70% of the country is low on vitamin d).

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