Co Q-10 What?


Coenzyme Q-10 or more commonly, CoQ-10. You’ve probably heard and read quite a bit about it, but what is it and what’s all the fuss about? research

The basics: You need this ‘stuff’ to release energy in your cells. Without it, you cannot produce enough energy to keep your body running and your body will come to a complete stop.
The highest concentrations of CoQ-10 are found in organs that need the most energy, such as your heart, liver and immune system cells. About 50% of the CoQ-10 in your body comes from the foods you eat; almost all the rest is made in your liver. Unfortunately, your body’ production tends to decline after the age of twenty and research has shown low levels of CoQ-10 are linked to heart disease, periodontal disease and cancer.

Once your CoQ-10 levels get low, it’s hard to eat enough food to add any significant amount to your system. Foods highest in CoQ-10 are tuna, mackerel and sardines. Organ meats, vegetable oils such as soy or canola oil are also good sources. The problem is the amounts you would have to eat to get even 30 mg.

It’s simpler, less expensive and easier on your waistline to raise your Co Q-10 levels by taking supplements. These come in a variety of forms, capsules, tablets, chewable tablets and oil-based gelcaps. One Life has chosen to manufacture our CoQ-10 product as gelcaps; they’re easy to swallow and give you the small amount of fat you need to absorb the CoQ-10 better.


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