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The more we learn, the more the importance of anti-oxidants take center stage. Science has clearly proven anti-oxidants are key to protecting your body from damage done by free radicals and free radical damage has been linked to everything from high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol to cancer and heart disease.

Most recently, when results from a Harvard Medical School study were released, a lot of folks took notice. David Sinclair and his research team have been looking for what he calls the ‘Holy Grail’ of aging research: molecules that activate the enzymes that in turn influence the genes that regulate aging.
Not only did they find a group of 18 molecules that fit that bill – one in particular has had attention in the past. They know that the compound, Reveratrol, plays a key role in helping maintain good health and may prolong the human life span.

Reveratrol is an anti-oxidant that belongs to a family of compounds known as polyphenols and is found in the skin and seeds of red grapes. Experts feel this study helps explain why moderate consumption of red wine has been linked to lower incidence of heart disease and why resveratrol has shown to prevent cancer in mice!

These findings will someday lead scientists to develop drugs that lengthen life and prevent or treat age-related diseases. Until then, OneLifeUSA's Advanced Pro's Plus formula is chock full of Resveratrol and extracts from red grape seeds and skin.  Also, check out our PC Nutrition Wrinkle Away plus Resveratrol formula – perfect blend of ingredients that includes collagen, green tea, anti-oxidant vitamins A,C, and E, and more – specifically targeting the skin.


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