Grape Seed Extract Impacts Memory Decline

There have been several studies published over the past few years that have suggested that the powerful anti-oxidant group found in grape seeds may have a positive effect on the symptoms associated with memory decline. This group of anti-oxidants is known as polyphenols. Additionally, one powerful polyphenol has been isolated and is known as resveratrol.

The latest study to further back up the fact that polyphenols (including resveratrol) may have positive potential in association with memory decline (specifically Alzheimer’s disease) was published by a group of researchers from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine (New York). Their published conclusion, “These results … strongly suggest that (grape seed polyphenolic extract) should be further tested as potential prevention and/or therapy for (Alzheimer’s Disease).

OneLifeUSA’s Advanced Pro's Plus is an excellent potent source for this powerful anti-oxidant group (polyphenols). It is chock full of resveratrol as well as extracts from red wine, grape skin and grape seeds!


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