Low Vitamin D Levels Proving Deadly


During the past year vitamin D has been in the news more than any other vitamin…and for good reason. Studies are increasingly providing evidence that point to significant health risks associated with inadequate amounts of vitamin D. The latest and most concerning: Low levels of vitamin D appear to increase the risk of death in older adults.

This is especially concerning news (which was recently published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society) because this study shows the direct link between low vitamin D levels and an increase risk of death from any cause, but particularly from heart disease. Researchers found that low vitamin D levels are quite hard on the heart with the risk of death due to heart disease more than two-fold higher in people with low vitamin D levels.

Knowing that the skin produces vitamin D when directly exposed to the sun and that older people, especially those living in northern regions, rarely obtain sufficient sun exposure to produce adequate amounts of vitamin D…It is almost always necessary to take supplements to achieve healthy vitamin D levels!

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