Advanced Pro’s Plus Does Double Duty:
Studied for Heart and Arthritis Benefits

It began with a phenomenon known as the ‘French Paradox’. Someone clever noticed that even though the average Frenchman smoked, ate copious amounts of butter and other ‘fats’, he was healthier than the average American. Science then stepped in to attempt a logical answer. wine

One piece to the puzzle seemed to lie in the fact that the average Frenchman also drank quite a bit more wine than the average American – and he did so daily! Turned out not to be the alcohol itself (much to the disappointment of many Americans) – but the grapes from which it was made. These grapes, especially the red ones, contained a group of phytochemicals, known as – Flavonoids (most noted: Proanthoycyanidins and Resveratrol). These compounds, science has since taught us, are a group of very strong anti-oxidants.

We were first introduced to the primary anti-oxidants: Vitamins A, C, and E. Then came flavonoids (the primary sources of these compounds are grape seed and grape skin extracts, Japanese knotweed, and pine bark extracts). To help us understand their free- radical fighting powers, scientists explained them to us in familiar terms: “Stating they are 20 times more powerful Vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E”. Wow – that seemed almost miraculous in nature.

Since their introduction, these compounds have stayed in the news, making headlines as researchers continue to study their health benefits. Their connection to heart health was the first news worthy information we received. A recent study conducted by researchers at the UC Davis School of Medicine has furthered this cardiovascular health connection; concluding that adults may want to add grape seed extract to their supplement routine to help lower their blood pressure.

Most recently, these compounds have garnered attention for their anti-inflammatory properties. Published in the Journal Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, their results of a clinical study from the University of Wurzburg, Germany worked with pine bark extract. These researchers realized significant results with its effects on joint pain!

As the Baby Boomer generation, enters the years of their life when heart disease becomes more prevalent and joint pain begins to require more attention, they may want to consider talking to their health care provider about making OneLifeUSA’s Advanced Pro’s Plus formula a part of their daily supplement routine. Combining both proanthocyandins and resveratrol into one effective capsule makes this a much sought after formula.


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