Rest Easy Study results: Weight Loss & Memory

A recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that on average people sleep one and a half hours less per night than they did a century ago. While most of those in the poll said they feel best if they’ve had at least eight hours of sleep each night, the number reporting actually getting eight or more hours of sleep per night fell from 38 percent in 2001 to 28 percent in 2008.

Insufficient sleep over time has been linked to depression, decreased cognitive performance, immune suppression, blood sugar imbalance and weight gain. Just one night of poor sleep can cause fatigue, memory loss and decreased mental capacity.

When you have problems sleeping, before you turn to a potentially habit forming prescription or over-the-counter remedy with their list of reported and dangerous side effects; consider a natural solution. With OneLifeUSA’s Calm Sleep your rest will be peaceful and you’ll wake up feeling energetic, not drowsy. This is a safe, mild, and effective sleep aid that does not carry a list of ‘scary’ side effects, and is not habit forming. The balanced combination of passion flower, valerian root, hops and lemon balm leaf will help you enjoy restful night’s sleep. Talk to your health care provider about OneLifeUSA’s Calm Sleep and try the safe solution first!


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