Successful Weight Loss Linked to Vitamin D


If vitamin D hasn’t been linked to enough health issues…it now appears that without enough of it, your weight loss efforts may be in vain. Results of a study were recently presented at The Endocrine Society’s 91st Annual Meeting in Washington DC, suggesting that vitamin D levels predict the weight loss success of a diet.

Subjects in the study had their blood levels of vitamin D measured before the start of a lower calorie diet. Researchers found that those with higher levels of vitamin D lost more weight than those with lower levels. All of the participants had low levels of vitamin D when their diets began. Those who were given additional vitamin D during the dieting process lost more weight than those who were not given any additional vitamin D. Up to a certain point, the more vitamin D they were given the more weight they lost per week. All subjects were on the same caloric diet.

Additionally, the higher the blood vitamin D level the greater the loss of abdominal fat!


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