Travel Safe- AntiOxidants Work!

Summer time equals vacation! Whether you are planning a cruise, flight to Europe, or a visit to see your Grand children… Don’t let an illness ruin your plans! Lots of germs love the warm weather… and with so many people crowding into airports, restaurants, and movie theaters… it’s easy to ‘catch’ on unwanted cold or stomach flu.

OneLifeUSA has been helping our customers stay illness free for over 20 years. The success of the ingredients in our Advanced Anti-Oxidant formula in a base of Echinacea and garlic, inspired our company slogan: ‘You May Never Be Sick Again!’

That slogan was the result of thousands of customer letters: All of them filled with comments and stories about how each had remained cold and flu free ever since they starting taking our anti-oxidant formula. Many recounted tales of being surrounded by family or co- workers who were sneezing, coughing, and miserable. Yet these OneLifeUSA customers seemed immune and just didn’t get sick!

We knew this formula had been the mastermind of many talented colleagues at MD Anderson who had put together a vitamin regimen for our founder who was battling cancer. Her goal at the time was to remain illness free while undergoing a rigorous and experimental cancer treatment. A series of vitamins and herbs, in just the proper proportions was assembled with the goal of boosting her immune system and keeping her healthy enough to withstand her cancer treatments.

After her treatment, our founder wanted to continue taking this vitamin/herb combination, but found it almost impossible to get all the different ingredients in the amounts she had been taking. With guidance from personnel at MD Anderson, she was put into contact with a manufacturing lab. They formalized the ingredient list and amounts and a few months later… she had the Advanced Anti-oxidant in a base of Echinacea and Garlic!

She then had all her super secret ingredients in one easy to swallow capsule. Problem was she had over 500 bottles of it. That’s when she decided that because this seemed to have helped her, maybe it could help others.... And our FREE bottle program was started.

In no time the FREE bottle requests began pouring in and she began shipping them out. Next she was ordering more from the lab, not in hundreds, but thousands. Soon thereafter the letters stated arriving with tales of others successes. It became apparent that maybe, just maybe, this little pill might help keep people from getting sick.

We know a lot more today. Words like ‘anti-oxidants’ and ‘free radicals’ are now common. We are acutely more aware of germs and how they spread. Hand sanitizers are no longer just for doctor’s offices and hospitals. After the swine flu epidemic, ways to prevent the cold and flu became common topics for news shows. Most of us now make some effort to prevent the cold and flu, as compared to, in years past, treating it once it was contracted.

With all this new knowledge we know why the formula those pros came up with some 30 years ago, probably does work. We now know it contains three of the most studied and well documented anti-oxidant vitamins. We know the herb Echinacea has antiviral and antibacterial properties. And with this latest study, we now know garlic really does have an impact on reducing the severity of colds!( see ‘Garlic Fights Colds and Flu’ article on this page) . It’s pretty amazing that some people knew all of this so many years ago. What’s more amazing is that they used this knowledge, which was then often ridiculed, to help prevent disease.

The idea of disease prevention is not new, but has certainly become much more common over the last 15 years. It no longer belongs only to ‘health and vitamin freaks’. This is a good thing ...especially considering that the common cold is among the most widespread illnesses in the world, responsible for over $20 billion per year in lost worker productivity. Even just a small reduction in the incidence or severity of the cold has significant financial implications.


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